Are raisins good for diabetics?

Raisins and diabetes

This is a frequent question people suffering from diabetes ask. And the answer is “yes”. If you diagnosed diabetic you can eat raisins but you need to keep it in moderation. It doesn’t mean you can eat raisins as much as you want.

Raisins facts

Raisins contain lots of nutrients. They are high in dietary fiber, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and also fructose.

Controlled intakes of fructose can improve glycemic control. It is a very important point that raisins contain no fat.

Raisins and diabetes

Research has shown that more fibre implies better health outcomes. People who consume more fruits have a low risk of heart disease.

Besides enhancing heart health, raisins have a productive effect on mitigating the risk of diabetes and regulating blood sugar control of those with diabetes.

Glycemic index (GI) is a rating scale that determines how a particular food affects a person’s blood sugar levels. Glycemic control improves when individuals extend their fibre intake.

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of diabetes is by replacing high GI foods with high-fibre foods that contain a low GI, reducing dietary fat intake, and promoting the intake of protective antioxidants.

Don’t forget that fruit, although it’s healthy, contains carbohydrates. Even if you’re having fruit as a snack, you need to count it as part of your meal to make sure you don’t eat too many servings of carbohydrates.

researchers evaluated 10 healthy participants — four males and six females — to see how raisins affected glycemic control.

Participants consumed four breakfast meals over a 2- to 8-week period. Researchers monitored their glucose and insulin levels over a 2-hour period after each meal.

They had two breakfast meals of white bread and two breakfast meals of raisins.

Researchers found that after consuming the raisin meals, participants had significantly lower glucose and insulin responses compared to after eating the white bread.

These findings have led researchers to conclude that raisins may have a positive effect on glycemic response.

Bottom line

So, raisins are sweet and approximately high in sugar but this is not free sugar like the sugar in chocolate and drinks. However you need to watch your consumption very carefully and that’s because of the carbohydrates in raisins.


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