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Organic Dried Fruit Wholesale | Most Sold Types of Dried Fruits in 2021

Organic Dried Fruit Wholesale is very low. What is a dry fruit? The drying of raw food was the primary method of maintenance. This method was used for more than 5000 years in the civilizations of Egypt, Iran and Rome. Cooked meat is stored in cold places for a season or a whole year. Dried fruits are also popular in China for over 1000 years. The Chinese are keen on drying plums and persimmons. And the dried persimmons are used as a kind of pastry. Organic Dried Fruit Wholesale is most demanded.


Dates and stomach-Are date fruits good stomach?

Palm tree dates or simply “dates” are a very nutritious and rich fruit. Dates are rich in fiber, vitamins (vitamin A,E and C), minerals and antioxidants. Dates have many health…
Are date fruits good stomach?

Are raisins good for diabetics?

This is a frequent question people suffering from diabetes ask. And the answer is “yes”. If you diagnosed diabetic you can eat raisins but you need to keep it in…
Raisins and diabetes

Are Dried Plums Good For You?

Dried plums are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and fiber. There are lots of health benefits in dried plums. Now we want to know why we should eat…
Dried Plums benefits

What are raisins good for?

Raisins are dried grapes and you can’t believe what health benefits they have. High amounts of calories and sugar makes them to be called “nature’s candy”. A single serving of…
What are raisins good for?

Profitable Dried Fruit Slices Sales

Dried fruit mix is a good choice for export, because in this case, you can offer mixtures of several Dried Fruit Slices with customers by considering each seaso


Top Mixed Dried Fruit Nut Exporters

Mixed Dried Fruit Nut is one of the most important products in Iran. This delicacy is delicious and very good for human health. But the price is not cheap. Ther