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What are raisins good for?

Raisins are dried grapes and you can’t believe what health benefits they have. High amounts of calories and sugar makes them to be called “nature’s candy”.

A single serving of raisins which is a half of cup contains more than 200 calories and 47 grams sugar.

Raisins are also rich in fiber and vitamins and minerals. Raisins are a good source of iron, potassium, copper, vitamin B6 and manganese.

Here are some benefits of raisins:

  • Aid in digestion
  • Prevent anemia
  • Lower the risk of heart disease
  • Fight against cancer
  • Promotes eye health
  • Improves skin health
  • Lower blood sugar

Are raisins healthy?

People always ask if they can eat raisins when they are struggling with diabetes. The sweet taste of raisins is because of the high amount of sugar but it doesn’t mean diabetics can’t eat them. And also it doesn’t mean they can eat a large amount of it every day!

Are raisins vegan?

Raisins absolutely are vegan because they have no added ingredients. They’re also gluten-free. You can use them as a perfect snack because of the high amounts of calories.

Are raisins good for weight loss?

If you are watching your weight it is good to consider the fact that all dried fruits are rich in calories while they have small amount of water. A cup of raisins contains 500 calories, so if you want to lose weight we don’t recommend you to eat raisins as a main meal.

Profitable Dried Fruit Slices Sales

Dried fruit mix is a good choice for export, because in this case, you can offer mixtures of several Dried Fruit Slices with customers by considering each season; However, in relation to the price of items such as whether the fruit is excellent or normal, Iranian or tropical, as well as the discussion of the type of packaging or export in bulk, it should also be considered.

Profitable Dried Fruit Slices Sales

Dried Fruit Slices Buy and Sales

Dried Fruit Slices Buy and Sales Industrial dried fruit has many different types in terms of aroma, taste, quality and shape, and of course the pricing issue. This is possible today with the direct supply of dried fruit, and a variety of dried fruits can be purchased in packages of eight fruits or in bulk.

It is clear that this method makes the best wholesale price of best fruit to dry available, especially for major customers.

And the sale of dried fruit in the nuts and dried fruit market is gradually gaining ground.

But what are the types of dried fruit?

To answer this question, we can examine several cases; In terms of whether the types of dried fruits is summer or winter, its slice or bean, how to dry all kinds of fruit, whether it is mixed or simple, as well as the type of packaging.

Plum, orange, kiwi, banana, pineapple, melon, cantaloupe, ginger, colored pineapple, blueberry, cranberry and many other types of plums can be included in the category of industrial dried fruits that are dried using a machine.

But one of the best ways to sell this product is to combine and make a multi-fruit combination that can be done in one-kilogram packages and in the most stylish packages.

Profitable Price List of Dried Fruit Slices for Traders

Profitable Price List of Dried Fruit Slices for Traders Due to the differences in appearance, flavor, properties as well as production costs, each of the industrial dried fruits is marketed at a different price.

Even the price list of these products is not the same for different brands and different manufacturers, and each has its own pricing.

In any case, the existence of high diversity in the production of Iranian dried fruits has caused the customer’s power to be high in selection and the price list of dried fruits with different degrees of quality and different uses for this product has been determined.

Note that the price of fruit chips for beverage consumption varies compared to the situation in which this product is purchased for sale in a luxury nut shop. It is much easier to expand food distribution methods, including dried fruit, shopping and ordering than in the past; These methods range from modern methods such as online shopping for dried fruit to visiting a nut store.

But the best way is definitely to use the best options. Reasonable price, excellent quality, health of the product and the like.

Top Mixed Dried Fruit Nut Exporters

Mixed Dried Fruit Nut is one of the most important products in Iran. This delicacy is delicious and very good for human health. But the price is not cheap. There are always a lot of customers who want to buy dried fruit at a reasonable price. This center operates in Iran. So it can help you buy the best nuts and dried fruit at a reasonable price.

 Top Mixed Dried Fruit Nut Exporters

Mixed Dried Fruit Nut Benefits

Mixed Dried Fruit Nut Benefits

fruit and nut mix recipe products (those with no sugar included, for example, raisins, prunes, dates, and figs) have been a staple of Mediterranean eating regimens, esteemed for their pleasantness and long haul dependability. The conventional dried natural product has a comparable supplement profile as the first food and, accordingly, dried organic product is regularly a decent wellspring of fiber and potassium. The utilization of dried organic products today is even not exactly new or canned; about 6.9 % of the grown-up populace expend dried natural products.

raisins were the most normally devoured dried organic product. Since they are utilized all through the food framework in items, for example, bread, biscuits, treats, and oats, raisins are devoured multiple times more than other dried organic products. dried organic product purchasers were characterized as those devouring 1/8 cup-proportional dried natural products every day or more.

Contrasted and non-customers, dried fruit and nut recipes had fundamentally lower admissions of strong fats/liquor and included sugars and higher admissions of vegetables, meat, and soy items. Normal vitality admission of dried natural product purchasers was 1038 kJ higher every day than non-shoppers, yet they had fundamentally lower weight, BMI, midsection periphery, and subscapular skinfold estimations, considerably in the wake of altering for a way of life estimates, for example, physical movement, TV/PC use, and smoking. Furthermore, grown-up dried natural product buyers had essentially higher admissions of fiber, nutrients A, C, E, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. Nutrient B12 was the main nutrient that was not higher among dried natural product customers. Purchasers of the dried natural product had fundamentally higher admissions of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and potassium and essentially lower admissions of sodium

Mixed Dried Fruit Nut Exports Statistics

Mixed Dried Fruit Nut Exports Statistics
Nuts are among the best-selling products in Iran in the world, and 5% of the total exports are related to the export of nuts; 50 countries in the world are the market for dried fruits in Iran. According to the union of dried fruit exporters’ union, Iran is the first exporter of pistachios and the third-largest exporter of raisins.

Dried Fruit Nut Exporters

Dried Fruit Nut Exporters
Fares of in-shell and unshelled pistachios during the period decreased in volume.
The top purchasers of Iranian pistachios a year ago were the UAE, India, and Germany, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Germany.

Dried Apricot Origin Manufacturing Process

Apricot is a very tasty, colorful, and glazed fruit that has its fans all over the world and is a rare and expensive fruit in many countries. Dried apricot origin manufacturing is very easy. It just takes time and care. For this reason, many Dried Apricot and sell dried apricot origin as a product of their factory. In this article, we will talk more about 10 dry fruits list with price.

Dried Apricot Origin Manufacturing Process

Dried Apricot Origin Manufacturing Steps

Dried Apricot Origin Manufacturing Steps The method of producing dried apricot origin is different for everyone. In general, there are two ways to dry apricot origin manufacturing:

  • Industrial method
  • traditional method

The case of some fruits, such as dried apricot origin, is a traditional pioneering method. In fact, the method of producing dried apricot origin varies from time to time and according to the methods chosen by individuals. These products, which are very popular among the general public, are products that should not be lacking in the market. Different companies try to produce the best-dried apricot origin in high tonnage and short time by having modern production methods.

As we have said, different methods are used for manufacturing dried apricot origin. Manufacturing dried apricot origin is done industrially in the traditional method, apricots are dried using sunlight. In the preparation of dried apricot origin, the apricot kernel is removed and dried in one of two ways. After removing the core, the apricots are cut into slices with special machines and dried in one of two ways. Solar drying, or traditional drying, creates an organic product, and in industrial drying, which is done with sulfur, it retains the golden color of dried apricot origin.

Dried Apricot Origin Factories

Dried Apricot Origin Factories dried apricot origin’s production is based on its supply market, dried apricot origin’s manufacturers are trying to improve their quality in order to sell well in the world and the domestic market, and this has led to many factories around the world to produce dried apricot origin. dried apricot origin sellers have come up with a variety of ways to sell their products better so that customers can buy dried apricot origin more easily.

Over the years, manufacturing plants have undergone a process of technological change, which has created high quality. In the global market, the dried apricot origin is associated with a high ranking of production because it will be a consumer good for all societies. dried apricot origin production in Iran is facing many economic crises because due to the economic sanctions that Iran is currently struggling with, it has caused an economic recession in Iran and all products have been able to produce They will not be without problems.

Where to Find Dried Apricot Suppliers?

Apricot is a fruit that we can use most in spring and summer. This fruit has many properties. In other seasons, such as winter, when this fruit is not available in the market, there are dried apricots on the market for sale.In this article we are point out to where find dried apricot suppliers.Stay tuned for the rest of this post .
Where to Find Dried Apricot Suppliers?

What is the Dried Apricot?

What is the Dried Apricot? Dried apricots are the dried type of this fruit. That is, the water inside it is completely dry and its appearance is wrinkled. You can dry this fruit with sunlight or fruit dryers. dried apricots nutrition is very important Because this fruit has many properties, in this article we will discuss some of these properties.

Properties of dried apricots
Dried apricots have almost 20  excellent and unique properties that each person in any age group can use to benefit from their properties.

  • Dried apricots eliminate bad breath.
  • It protects our body against cancer.
  • Helps the digestive tract.
  • Helps maintain heart health.
  • Dried apricots are very effective in treating anemia.
  • It is very suitable for weight loss.

Dried apricots contain vitamin A, iron, fiber, calcium and vitamin C. In addition, it contains pectin, potassium and natural antioxidants.

Other properties of dried apricots include blood clotting. Due to its high levels of vitamin K, this fruit coagulates the blood, which is why it is highly recommended to use dried apricots when you have an injury.

All of these properties have been proven by physicians and researchers.

So the best way to use these properties in the seasons when fresh apricots are not available in the market is to consume the dry type, which in the next section we will refer to how to buy and the countries that are the source of production of this fruit.

Dried Apricot Supplies Countries

Dried Apricot Supplies Countries Iran is one of the leading countries in the production of apricots, both fresh and dried.

Iran’s climate and soil type have caused millions of apricot trees in this country. West Azerbaijan Province holds the record for the production of dried apricots in Iran.

Therefore, there is a good amount of fresh apricots in this country in spring and summer, and dried apricots in autumn and winter.

Other producing countries include Uzbekistan, which produces 547,000 tons or more of dried and fresh apricots annually. Iran ranks second after Uzbekistan.

dried apricots price depends on the type of apricot, its shape and when it is dried. Prices are usually very reasonable and you can easily buy as much as you want through the stores around your place of residence or various internet sites.

Dried Fruit List Buy and Sale

Dried fruit is a great snack invented by humans and has manyfans ،Today, the  dried fruit list is on the shopping list of the majority of people due to the high demand, as you know, eating nuts is very enjoyable, and dried fruits are a kind of nut, and dried fruits are as nutritious as fresh fruits. . Contrary to popular belief that  fruit has no properties, the vitamins in dried fruit are no different from fresh ones.

Dried Fruit List Buy and Sale

Dried Fruit List Properties

Dried Fruit List Properties Fruits are rich in nutrients such as fiber and vitamins, the presence of these rich substances makes you healthier and fresher.

Depending on the drying process types of  dried fruits, some of  are dried in the traditional way and some by mechanized method.

Dried fruit has a great effect on strengthening memory.

Dried fruits make digestion easier,So they are very useful for those who have stomach problems,Also, dried fruits themselves are very quick and easy to digest, These fruits are useful for people with stomach problems due to their lightness and richness in vitamins, Therefore, it is both a form of treatment and a form of high-quality nutrition.

Dried fruit promotes the development of the mind and has a great effect on learning.

Dried apples help to lose weight, strengthen the body’s immune system and are very useful for those with high blood pressure.

Dried apricots strengthen eyesight due to their vitamin A content, reduce stress and increase blood flow in the body.

Dried peaches prevent heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and various cancers and strengthen the immune system.

Dried figs contain very high amounts of calcium, potassium, iron and vitamin K and strengthen bones.

Dried plums are one of the most effective treatments for constipation and help calm the nerves and also increase bone density.

Dried bananas are rich in carbohydrates, potassium and fiber and help the intestines function better.

Dried mango has many properties, such as vitality and energy, it strengthens sexual power, rejuvenates the skin, makes the mouth fragrant and diuretic.

Dried kiwi is anti-cancer, strengthens the eyes, skin and hair, and is very effective in treating respiratory diseases, as well as reducing stress and insomnia.

Dried Fruit List Buy and Sales in the Market

Dried Fruit List Buy and Sales in the Market You can get detailed information about dried fruit with price by visiting our website.Due to the very high properties of dried fruits, the company’s products are increasing day by day, and our company produces the best type of dried fruit with the latest technology and in a suitable and sterile environment.You can get detailed information about dry fruits list with price by visiting our website.