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How to dry apples | best apples for dehydrating

How to dry apples
How can I dry apples in home? Apples have antioxidant properties and are rich in fiber, so they have many health benefits, but this popular fruit is not available in all seasons. An easy way to store and use it in all seasons is to dry the apples. Dried apples…

Organic Dried Fruit Wholesale | Most Sold Types of Dried Fruits in 2021


Organic Dried Fruit Wholesale is very low. What is a dry fruit? The drying of raw food was the primary method of maintenance. This method was used for more than 5000 years in the civilizations of Egypt, Iran and Rome. Cooked meat is stored in cold places for a season or a whole year. Dried fruits are also popular in China for over 1000 years. The Chinese are keen on drying plums and persimmons. And the dried persimmons are used as a kind of pastry. Organic Dried Fruit Wholesale is most demanded.

Dates and stomach-Are date fruits good stomach?

Are date fruits good stomach?
Palm tree dates or simply “dates” are a very nutritious and rich fruit. Dates are rich in fiber, vitamins (vitamin A,E and C), minerals and antioxidants. Dates have many health benefits but this article considers the effects of dates on stomach. Dates are rich in fiber so they may help…

Are raisins good for diabetics?

Raisins and diabetes
This is a frequent question people suffering from diabetes ask. And the answer is “yes”. If you diagnosed diabetic you can eat raisins but you need to keep it in moderation. It doesn’t mean you can eat raisins as much as you want. Raisins facts Raisins contain lots of nutrients.…