Dried Apricot Types Manufacturers

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Apricot is a fruit that grows in summer. Apricot fruit has a cold and wet nature, but its sweet type has a warmer property. Different dried Apricot types have a high nutritional value. This fruit contains large amounts of natural sugars that are easily digested and contains vitamins A, C, riboflavin (B2) and niacin (B3).

Dried Apricot Types Manufacturers

Dried Apricot Types Manufacturing Process

Dried Apricot Types Manufacturing ProcessThere are different types of methods to manufacture dried apricot. Big companies are using new methods in order to optimize their production. These methods vary in terms of speed and other items. But You can easily dry apricot in your house. In the first place, cut the apricots down the middle and expel the center. At that point smooth them on one surface and don’t contact them any longer, put them in the broiler at 90 degrees Celsius with them half open so they are dry however delicate.

How to dry apricot at home?

Apricot is a very tasty, colorful and glazed fruit that has its fans all over the world. Of course, in many countries, the fruit is scarce and expensive. How to make apricot leaf is very easy. It just takes time and care. There are two simple ways to make apricot or apricot leaves. How to use outdoor air that lasts a few days and how to use a gas oven that is ready in a few hours.

 First, cut the apricot in half and remove the core. Then put a clean white napkin in a basket that lets air out completely and put the apricots on the napkin, then put another napkin on them.Now put the delicious and colorful apricots in the basket in front of the sun for one or two days.

 After about two to three days, you can dry the shade. That means you don’t have to be in the sun anymore.

Dried Apricot Types Manufacturers

Dried Apricot Types ManufacturersOrganic dried apricots are produced in every country these days. different types of manufacturers are producing dried apricot. It is mainly because of its high benefits. The wonderful benefits of consuming apricots for the body:

 The presence of fluoride in apricots prevents tooth decay.Never eat apricots after a meal, and do not take a cold bath after eating apricots.

  To treat diarrhea, drink 10 grams of dried leaves with cold water.To get rid of stomach worms, 5 grams of bitter apricot kernel oil should be used with caution.

Apricots contain high antioxidants. Most of its antioxidants are polyphenolic flavonoids such as lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-crypto-xanthines, all of which help protect cells against oxygen-free radicals, which cause aging, cancer and various diseases. Be.

To crush bladder stones, 5 grams of bitter apricot kernel oil should be used with caution. Then a glass of sweat every 4 hours.

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