Dried Apple

Dried Apple is made from drying the ripe and intact fruit of Malus Domestica from the family of Rosaceae, or simply known as Apple fruit. Dried Apples are in different forms such as cubes, sheets, slices, half, etc. The apple tree perhaps is the oldest tree cultivated by humans. The origin of apple tree is middle Asia and then it spread to Middle East and Europe. The wild types of apples are small, and the cultivated types of them are bigger. There are more than 7500 types of apples in the world. currently different types of sour apples and sweet apples are being cultivated in  Iran.

What is Dried Apple?

Dried or dehydrated apples are the fruit chips of apple. To make them, in the process of drying, the fruit loses its water, but the minerals and nutrients will survive. Dried apple slices are natural, with no added artificial. They’re also delicious and you can use them as candy. We use organically grown apples to make dried apple slices. Dried apples are healthy and they can provide many of the vitamins and nutrients for your body.

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Nutritional Value of Dried Apple


What are the benefits of dried apples?

Some people believe that dried fruits are not as healthy as fresh fruits, but it’s not true. Dried apples have lots of health benefits.

1. Fiber

One of the most important benefits of dried apples is the dietary fiber. A half-cup serving of dried apples provide 3-4 grams of dietary fiber which is approximately 13-20 percent of your daily fiber requirement.

2. B-Vitamins

They also have B-Vitamins. The pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5) and pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) in dried apples promote energy metabolism and they’re good for your hormone levels and also for your gut and brain.

3. Antioxidants

Dried apples also are a rich source of antioxidants which help your body to improve cellular health.

4. Minerals

They also provide the essential minerals for your body such potassium, sodium and iron. Potassium is vital for brain and nervous system function and in a half-cup of dried apples you can reach 4 percent of your daily potassium needs. Sodium is vital is good for the water balance in your body and in 40 grams od dried apples you can find 180 mg sodium which is approximately 8 percent of your daily sodium needs. The iron is necessary to make red blood cells and you can reach 3 to 8 percent of your daily iron needs in dried apples. Dried apples also have a tiny amount of selenium, copper and manganese.

5. Healthy weight

Dried apples have no fat, so they’re good for the people who watch their weight. They also have no added sugar, so there’s no worry about using them.

How to store dried apples?

Dried apple slices can last about 6 months in a cool place. If you keep them in a refrigerator they last more than a year.

Where can I buy dried apples in cheaper prices?

Rad Pardis group is a main supplier to wholesale different kinds of dried fruits. Here you can find naturally grown dried apple slices in Iran with high quality and cheaper prices. To know detailed information of our dates such as price, color, weight, size and type of them please check our products information.

How is the dried apples packed for shipping?

We offer the 20 Kg packs for our products. You can offer your own way of package. Then we can pack the products exactly the way you want.

Why choose Rad Pardis to buy online dried fruits?

Rad Pardis is a company with well trained staff which has the ability to produce and supplying a variety of dried fruits. Our mission is to honor and respect our clients, with a good service and high quality products we want to have the loyalty of our clients. We have the ability of fast delivery of our products to all around the world specially the countries of Middle East. Our experts as trustable advisors are there for you thorough this journey.

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