Dried Apricot

Prunus Armeniaca Linnaeus  or known as Apricot, is a fruit of several species in the genus Prunus. Dried Apricots are a very sweet and pleasant form of apricots which are made from the ripe and intact apricots. Producing that, they separate the seed of apricot in the line of its groove. The origin of apricot is disputed, but it is considered to be from china. In the first century apricots spread from china and Siberia to Europe and east Asia. Because of being the country of four seasons and ecology situation, different forms of apricots are cultivated in Iran.

What is dried apricot?

Dried apricots also known as “Gheysi” are one of the most important dried fruits produced in Iran. Dried apricots are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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Nutritional Value of Dried Apricot


What are the benefits of dried apricots?

Drying a fruit is good way to preserve the minerals and vitamins and generally its benefits. For example, a cup of fresh apricots contain 86 percent water and 74 calories. A cup of dried apricots however has less water but contains near 212 calories.

Therefore, if you need calories for your exercises, dried apricots are a sweet idea.

Because of their Vitamin E and Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene, dried apricots are a good natural source for eye health and prevents the age related eye disorders.

It’s good for your bones. Because of the minerals and especially the Boron, it’s good for preventing osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and other similar bone disorders.

Dried apricots contain many of vital nutrients necessary for skin health. For instance, they contain beta-carotene. Body converts beta-carotene into Vitamin A (retinol). Scientific researches show that it protects skin against sunburns and other UV rays damages.

Dried apricots contain iron, so it’s good for those who suffer from anemia like pregnant women. A cup of dried apricots contain 3.5 milligrams of iron.

Dried apricots are a good source of potassium. For those who suffer from hypertension, potassium helps to reduce blood pressure. It also helps to balance the fluids of body.

Promoting gut health. Dried apricots contain dietary fiber. The dietary fiber helps your gut work better, helps the digestive process and also is good for blood sugar levels and cholesterol level.

Antioxidants. Apricots contain many antioxidants. One of the most important group of antioxidants are flavonoids and apricots are rich of flavonoids. Flavonoids are good for heart disease and diabetes and has a anti-inflammatory effect.

How to store dried apricots?

Although dried apricots are tough in surviving, but it’s better to keep them in a cool dry place like refrigerator. The temperature shouldn’t be more than 75F or they will be dark in color and will lose the nutrients values.

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