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Due to its high level of vitamin C, dry melon prevents the formation of some free radicals in our body, and prevents lung cancer and breast cancer. Research has shown that due to hormonal changes and some other factors, many mothers get cancer during pregnancy and even give birth babies with cancer, so nutrients that are good for the health of the mother and fetus is very important.


Are black dried figs good for sleep?

A balanced diet is essential for good sleep. Figs will increase the quality of your sleep. They contain the amino acid tryptophan, which triggers the production of melatonin, and finally causes sleep.

What are health benefits of black dried figs?

Black figs are rich in iron and vitamin C, so they are very good for treating iron deficiency or anemia.

Figs kill bacteria. They contain nutrients, such as potassium and manganese, which along with antioxidants boost your immune system.

Black figs contain natural sugar and people who want to gain weight can use this fruit. The consumption of various figs eliminates the general weakness of the body and strengthens the physical strength.

The presence of sulfur in various figs promotes hair health, prevents hair loss and is useful for treating dandruff.

Black figs play an important role in preventing cancer. Consumption of this fruit reduces the growth of cancer cells and prevents intestinal cancer. This fruit also prevents breast cancer due to its high fiber content.

Figs are one of the best fruits for strengthening eyesight and preventing eye diseases such as macular degeneration due to their high levels of antioxidants and vitamin A.

Figs whiten teeth and scaling them, and relieves pain and inflammation of gingivitis, and eliminates bad breath.

Figs are effective in controlling high blood pressure because of potassium and nutrients. the current lifestyle and excessive consumption of processed foods, the body may be deficient in potassium and lead to high blood pressure. Since dried figs are full of potassium, they help you maintain and regulate your blood pressure.

Are black dried figs good for diabetics?

Dried figs burn more calories than fresh figs, about 100 grams of black dried figs produce 220 calories. They are also sweet and have a glycemic index of 61 which is high. The high glycemic index of figs raises blood sugar levels because dried figs quickly release high levels of sugar from the body, which may not be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes. Sweet and high-energy foods should be eaten early in the day to burn the energy released by them throughout the day.

black dried figs
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