A raisin is a dried grape, especially from the Vitaceae group.  Producing raisins goes back to 3000 years ago in ancient Iran and Egypt. A high percentage of the produced grapes in the world turns into raisins. Because of the ecology situations such as having four seasons, Iran is the best country for producing the raisins.

What is raisin?

A raisin is a dried grape. There are many varieties of raisins all around the world. There are sultana raisins which are golden and there are dark raisins and also some kinds have seeds and some are seedless. To know different types of raisins we produce please check our products.

Nutritional Value of Raisin

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What are the health benefits of raisins?

Raisins contain soluble fiber and help improve digestive system. Because of having iron, raisins may help body to make new red blood cells and prevent anemia. Raisins help body to balance acidity levels and that’s because of minerals in raisin.

Raisins also contain potassium which helps to lower the heart disease risk. A study published in Postgraduate Medicine shows that eating raisins is good for blood pressure and reduces the cardiovascular risk factor.

Raisins may help body to fight against cancer cells. The antioxidants in raisins protects body against oxidative damage.

Raisins also protect eye health. That’s because of the polyphenols in raisin that is an antioxidant which protects eye cells from free radical damage.

It also is good for having a young and healthy skin. Raisins are rich in Vitamin C, selenium and zinc. It’s a valuable combination for having a good skin.

Raisins may lower blood sugar. According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) a typical serving of raisins contain 129 calories and 1.42 g protein.

How to store raisins?

Raisins should be kept in an airtight sealed bag or a plastic bag. You need to keep them in a dry and cool place. In refrigerator they last for a year.

Where can I buy raisins in cheaper prices?

Rad Pardis group is a main supplier to wholesale different kinds of dried fruits. Here you can find naturally produced raisins in Iran with high quality and cheaper prices. To know detailed information of our raisins such as  price, color, weight, size and type of them please check our products information.

How is the dates packed for shipping?

We offer the 10 Kg packs for our products. You can offer your own way of package. Then we can pack the products exactly the way you want.

Why choose Rad Pardis to buy online dried fruits?

Rad Pardis is a company with well trained staff which has the ability to produce a variety of dried fruits. Our mission is to honor and respect our clients, with a good service and high quality products we want to have the loyalty of our clients. We have the ability of fast delivery of our products to all around the world specially the countries of Middle East. Our experts as trustable advisors are there for you thorough this journey.

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