Profitable Dried Fruit Slices Sales

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Dried fruit mix is a good choice for export, because in this case, you can offer mixtures of several Dried Fruit Slices with customers by considering each season; However, in relation to the price of items such as whether the fruit is excellent or normal, Iranian or tropical, as well as the discussion of the type of packaging or export in bulk, it should also be considered.

Profitable Dried Fruit Slices Sales

Dried Fruit Slices Buy and Sales

Dried Fruit Slices Buy and Sales Industrial dried fruit has many different types in terms of aroma, taste, quality and shape, and of course the pricing issue. This is possible today with the direct supply of dried fruit, and a variety of dried fruits can be purchased in packages of eight fruits or in bulk.

It is clear that this method makes the best wholesale price of best fruit to dry available, especially for major customers.

And the sale of dried fruit in the nuts and dried fruit market is gradually gaining ground.

But what are the types of dried fruit?

To answer this question, we can examine several cases; In terms of whether the types of dried fruits is summer or winter, its slice or bean, how to dry all kinds of fruit, whether it is mixed or simple, as well as the type of packaging.

Plum, orange, kiwi, banana, pineapple, melon, cantaloupe, ginger, colored pineapple, blueberry, cranberry and many other types of plums can be included in the category of industrial dried fruits that are dried using a machine.

But one of the best ways to sell this product is to combine and make a multi-fruit combination that can be done in one-kilogram packages and in the most stylish packages.

Profitable Price List of Dried Fruit Slices for Traders

Profitable Price List of Dried Fruit Slices for Traders Due to the differences in appearance, flavor, properties as well as production costs, each of the industrial dried fruits is marketed at a different price.

Even the price list of these products is not the same for different brands and different manufacturers, and each has its own pricing.

In any case, the existence of high diversity in the production of Iranian dried fruits has caused the customer’s power to be high in selection and the price list of dried fruits with different degrees of quality and different uses for this product has been determined.

Note that the price of fruit chips for beverage consumption varies compared to the situation in which this product is purchased for sale in a luxury nut shop. It is much easier to expand food distribution methods, including dried fruit, shopping and ordering than in the past; These methods range from modern methods such as online shopping for dried fruit to visiting a nut store.

But the best way is definitely to use the best options. Reasonable price, excellent quality, health of the product and the like.

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