Where to Find Dried Apricot Suppliers?

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Apricot is a fruit that we can use most in spring and summer. This fruit has many properties. In other seasons, such as winter, when this fruit is not available in the market, there are dried apricots on the market for sale.In this article we are point out to where find dried apricot suppliers.Stay tuned for the rest of this post .
Where to Find Dried Apricot Suppliers?

What is the Dried Apricot?

What is the Dried Apricot? Dried apricots are the dried type of this fruit. That is, the water inside it is completely dry and its appearance is wrinkled. You can dry this fruit with sunlight or fruit dryers. dried apricots nutrition is very important Because this fruit has many properties, in this article we will discuss some of these properties.

Properties of dried apricots
Dried apricots have almost 20  excellent and unique properties that each person in any age group can use to benefit from their properties.

  • Dried apricots eliminate bad breath.
  • It protects our body against cancer.
  • Helps the digestive tract.
  • Helps maintain heart health.
  • Dried apricots are very effective in treating anemia.
  • It is very suitable for weight loss.

Dried apricots contain vitamin A, iron, fiber, calcium and vitamin C. In addition, it contains pectin, potassium and natural antioxidants.

Other properties of dried apricots include blood clotting. Due to its high levels of vitamin K, this fruit coagulates the blood, which is why it is highly recommended to use dried apricots when you have an injury.

All of these properties have been proven by physicians and researchers.

So the best way to use these properties in the seasons when fresh apricots are not available in the market is to consume the dry type, which in the next section we will refer to how to buy and the countries that are the source of production of this fruit.

Dried Apricot Supplies Countries

Dried Apricot Supplies Countries Iran is one of the leading countries in the production of apricots, both fresh and dried.

Iran’s climate and soil type have caused millions of apricot trees in this country. West Azerbaijan Province holds the record for the production of dried apricots in Iran.

Therefore, there is a good amount of fresh apricots in this country in spring and summer, and dried apricots in autumn and winter.

Other producing countries include Uzbekistan, which produces 547,000 tons or more of dried and fresh apricots annually. Iran ranks second after Uzbekistan.

dried apricots price depends on the type of apricot, its shape and when it is dried. Prices are usually very reasonable and you can easily buy as much as you want through the stores around your place of residence or various internet sites.

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