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Dried Apricots

Iran is the third largest producer of apricots in the world. Apricots
produced in Iran have a unique taste and they dry naturally in the sun

Prunus Armeniaca Linnaeus  or known as Apricot, is a fruit of several species in the genus Prunus. Dried Apricots are a very sweet and pleasant form of apricots which are made from the ripe and intact apricots. Producing that, they separate the seed of apricot in the line of its groove.

The origin of apricot is disputed, but it is considered to be from china. In the first century apricots spread from china and Siberia to Europe and east Asia. Because of being the country of four seasons and ecology situation, different forms of apricots are cultivated in Iran.

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Rad Pardis Business Group is an improving business complex , which started its work with supplying herbal and vegetative products and sale in internal market and Middle East since 2018. Our main focus is on dried fruits with Iranian quality and taste.

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